When Two Worlds Collide

  1. When Two Worlds Collide

    Nick Boeglin

    I was driving through a big intersection where the street narrows – from having scooter lanes on my initial side to not having them on the other side. I was angled left to accommodate this narrowing; I also briefly entertained the notion of getting gas at the service station on the opposite corner from me, so I may have been angled slightly more left than normal.

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  2. Drivers and Riders: a character study

    Caleb Francis


    I remember the first time I consciously thought about driving in Taiwan and how it may have been somewhat different than what I had been accustomed to, based upon my country of origin.

    I have come to imagine there are many factors that contribute to the driving environment in Taiwan. Mixed use lanes, turn boxes, and just plain old differing traffic laws compared to other locales make up the wonderment and excitement that is: Driving in Taiwan.

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  3. Team building in Taiwan

    Paul McCorry


    When Matt Flower and a small group of his fellow teachers met after school one day for a kick about in the school grounds, they had no idea that the group would develop into an organized football club. It certainly has developed though, from those inauspicious beginnings, during it’s first year. Matt, who is the teams manager, tells me he puts the official foundation date at 26th
    May 2010. Fathers day, and that small group of English teachers entered a team to compete against fathers of the children at their school, and a club was born.

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