1. Craig Ferguson – “It’s just persistence more than anything.”



    The Conversation: Craig talks about his photography, the road from amateur photographer to professional, the photography market in Taiwan, camera selection, copyright issues,foreigner photography in Taiwan, and a workshop he is hosting in China.

    Find him on his website: http://www.craigfergusonimages.com

    Vocabulary: Continually base initially process persistence decent competition labor of love published editors promotional advertise market regional contacts benefiting demand advantage traditional occasionally niche specialize generic style elections portraits press-pass assignment representative serious official agency assistance technology accessible amateur shutter button digital film develop skills mistakes tutorials similar workshops expats contract spare lessons professional co-leading direct sunrise landscape issues interpreters reckon range retiree hobby sponsors press straps gear goody-bag budget menu structure intuitive lenses tripod pro-grade contract licensing copyright database florists bridal registry portfolio field enthusiastic

  2. Adarsh Menon – “I design the course as I would like to be taught.”


    The Conversation:
     Adam talks about his Chinese learning website: ChineseLearnOnline.com.  After being in Taiwan for a few years, he designed an online Chinese course.  He talks about where the idea came from, how he started off, different aspects of learning Chinese,  the free and pay aspects of his site, apps and the development of his website. Check out his personal blog WinningStack.com.

    Vocabulary:  Originally background lifestyle reasons private precious prime justify podcasts designed native research acquisition techniques mindset replace elements companion combine require mode instruction download downtime subscribe component subscription audio content reduced system linear progression isolation concentration predominantly expatriates assortment consultant extension evolved components distinct release stuck graduate progress route value-added freemium sustainable attract traffic concept marketing channels flashcards independent versus core fruition



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