Chris Leroux - "The idea from the beginning..was to do something selfless."


Chris Leroux – “The idea from the beginning..was to do something selfless.”

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Chris and his wife Natasha co-founded Bark! Taiwan, an animal welfare organization.  Chris discusses the vision behind Bark!, the changes it has gone through, Catch Neuter and Release (CNR),  what he learned from the organization, and the status and future of Bark!.


How has the vision changed over the last five years?[audio:|titles=chrisleroux0161]

What is the status of Bark! ? Do you think it will continue after you are gone?[audio:|titles=chrisleroux0163]

If you could go back five years would you do it again?[audio:|titles=chrisleroux0164]

Vocabulary: operation original vision rescued bunch paycheckfinancially feasible dent bummed outneutered potential multiple facets fund-raising level revenue aggressive mission pool resources response following co-founders causes involvement participate animal welfare collaborate policies challenges issues law enforcement cultural analogy operate leaky tap adoption rate pure-bred exponentially shelters choking expenses refuse responsibility installations enclosures roof cram feces ongoing battle minimal approach revamped CNR umbrella tackle pack demographical population stabilizes decrease reactive proactive root reducing firm litter birth strictly support criteria fending grace period non-profit organization veterinarians language barrier private similar generous involved channel magnetize stray overpopulation legislation procedures abuse neglect agencies enforce act breeding law political landmark discouraging conclusion finances sponsors vehicle backward rapport collaboration handicapped established equipment cages legacy ideal selfish outcome drastically

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