Shiuan Liu – “This is the voice of a guy in transition.”

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The Conversation:

Shiuan Liu spent much of his youth growing up in the U.S.  While living there, his father wrote a series of books based upon him.  These books were a sensation in Taiwan; highlighting the challenges of Shiuan growing up in the American education system and attending Harvard.  Since returning to Taiwan, Shiuan has pursued his interests in writing and music.  We talked about his father’s writings and their effect on Shiuan, his transition back to Taiwan, Taiwanese youth identity, and Shiuan’s writing and music.


How did you feel when you discovered your father was writing a book based upon you?[audio:|titles=ShiuanLiu0131]

What do you think of Taiwanese youth today and what are their challenges in creating their identity?[audio:|titles=ShiuanLiu0133]

In your books and your music, is there an underlying message you hope to try and convey?[audio:|titles=ShiuanLiu0134]

Vocabulary: icon overseas juncture martial law capital economy inspiration concentrated span essentially blessed sought pissed off dirty laundry embarrassing daze stir appreciate shame model transition reverse culture shock ripped sporting attitude rapidly superior equal sense of humor irony poke banter particular corporate authority hierarchical structure youth identity dissertation abroad multinational aspirations fault peculiarissues token tenacious remarkablyforged underlying convey vis a vis psychology benefit deeply melange

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