Frank Ying – “From August 1, all the international students need to pay double…which will be close to NT$50,000 every semester.”

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The Conversation:

Dr. Frank Ying is professor of economics and dean of international affairs at National Sun Yat Sen University.  We talked about Chinese students coming to Taiwan universities, international students, the over-supply of universities, and the internationalization of higher education in Taiwan.


What do you think about President Ma announcing he wants to really attract other Asia Pacific students to come to Taiwan because of low tuition fees and to study Mandarin?[audio:|titles=FrankYing0071]

Do you see that (tuition increases) happening here in Taiwan?[audio:|titles=FrankYing0073]

What does that mean for the statement of trying to make Taiwan a hub for Asia Pacific, if you raise the tuition, do you think that would turn those potential students off?[audio:|titles=FrankYing0074]

Vocabulary: point of view faculty arguments support observationmutualbenefit pursuepresumptions courses facilitiesreformed atmosphereresponse consider clarify options stipends fairness justice standards turn-off partially over-supply figures inevitabletrend pressure internationalization merge media lump sum effectiveness performancebell curve

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