Lisa Furtado – “I found it a challenge sometimes…I didn’t want to do it.”

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The Conversation:

Lisa is a Canadian writer living in Taiwan.  Lisa has recently published a book, ‘Her Apparitions & Other Human Longings’. Lisa discusses the novel, her writing process and inspiration behind the book.  Does the name sound familiar?  Yes, singer/songwriter,  Nelly Furtado is Lisa’s younger sister.


What is it about schizophrenia that attracted you to put it in this book?[audio:|titles=LisaFurtado0062]

Have you been interested in writing for some time?[audio:|titles=LisaFurtado0063]

What were some of the challenges of putting this book together?[audio:|titles=LisaFurtado0064]

Vocabulary: emotionsdesire surreal schizophrenic inspired mixture plot chicken-scratches analyzing thread carpet intrigueculmination immigratediary essayempathy forum heart-wrenchingfictionimaginativezonelineardialogue reverence

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